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What visa we need? Please Help!

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by Mariagail, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. Mariagail

    Mariagail Member

    Thank you very much for all your concerns and advices.

    We've got the children Certificate of entitlement to right of abode in just 5 working days. Now, waiting for my Fiance Visa to approved.
  2. Mariagail

    Mariagail Member

    Ooh, meet a girl at the embassy. Applying for fiance visa her son has British passport after 3 weeks in UK. But before the boy travel to UK from Philippines he has right of abode stamp. So it is possible to have right of abode first and then apply in the UK for passport.
  3. Ian martin

    Ian martin Member

    UK Passport or Right of Abode stamp in Filipino passport?

    My (limited) experience is that if you
    have plenty of money and want to go to UK quickly, best to get a UK ROA in your Filipino passport and apply for a uk passport later. It's easier and quicker to get the ROA in Philippines (but I don't have experience of this) .

    If you are
    1. not rich
    2. you have a UK/irish/american friend countersignatory who knows you both. (Or just knows the UK father if you make an overseas application from a UK address)
    3. It's not urgent

    Then Apply for a UK passport.

    If you are based in Philippines, finding a Uk/irish/American countersignatory can be problematic. You don't need this for a ROA.
    It will take a few months and maybe the UK passport office will ask for extra papers.
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