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Will they extend the validity of marriage licences in the philippines??

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by BradaZz21, May 4, 2020.

  1. BradaZz21

    BradaZz21 New Member

    We have our marriage licence and we were going to get married on April 6 in tagaytay, but due to the lockdown we couldn't.
    Since the government has stopped events and mass gatherings, what does that mean for our marriage licence which expires in July?

    Will they add an extension to the licences so they remain valid for 2 months longer?

    Or will we have to go through the trouble of getting all the requirements again? Because it wasn't our fault, so an extension surely makes sense?

    I tried googling this but nothing came up, and I don't know any number we could contact to be sure.

    Does anybody have any ideas? Because the longer I stay, the more it cuts into the money we need for the spouse visa to show.

    Bonus question..
    What are the chances of getting money back from the venue legally speaking? It's £2,000. My fiancée seems to think we can but I'm not convinced.
    All resorts we had booked gave back even if it was non refundable.
  2. Kevinzet

    Kevinzet New Member

    i have the same problem. We where meant to be married at the end of March. They wont extend the licence. My fiance has been to the local place where they do the licence. I dont really want to go back again and start all over again. Did you find out any answers. Ive been thinking of contacting the British Embassy and seeing if i can get to go there or create and stink and see if the Embassy can do anything. Nothing like dealing with people in the UK. The rulese are the rules and they cant be changed.
    How are you getting on with it all now?
  3. Kevinzet

    Kevinzet New Member

    You can still get married, but your only allowed 10 people there and of course the other issue is getting there. Ive seen you can get flights, but im not sure if they will let you in the country.
  4. BradaZz21

    BradaZz21 New Member

    When does your marriage licence expire?
    Are you getting married in Manila or elsewhere?

    Yeah, I completely understand not wanting to get everything again. Especially that 5 hour seminar. Was alot of hassle.

    The municipality hasnt answered any of our calls, the pastor of our wedding says we would be able to have it extended but we haven't had that confirmed by the municipality yet.
    Our licence expires in early July so we still have some time to get married. But there's where the next problem is.

    We were going to get married in a garden in cavite. But that's not allowed in cavite yet and even if it was, we're in quezon City and cannot leave Manila so we couldn't attend anyway.
    So we're trying to get it refunded, my fiancées cousin is a lawyer so thankfully she's been helping us, she wrote us a letter of demand to send to their email and we need to also post it to them. And if they don't pay back within the given days we will take legal action against them. Such as contacting the dti or small claims court if we must. But I don't want to lose 110k peso right now and I don't think they'll give it up without a fight. They can't deliver what they promised and we're under no obligation to pay for undelivered services.

    So we intend to have our wedding in quezon City more virtually than in person since my family can't attend as they're in the UK.

    Fortunately my parents said they will pay for that as we're losing to much money here paying 45k a month to rent our condo in a compound. Obviously we're looking for a cheaper one which also has all we need. Still haven't extended our visas yet.

    Plus, our condo is 45k a month so we're gonna have to leave here soon but the compound were staying at has Condos which are all 30k+. And we're only looking for Condos which have an electric cooker.

    Hopefully everything works out for us in the end.
  5. Kevinzet

    Kevinzet New Member

    We are dealing with the officials from bulacan. They have to my fiancé that it can’t be extended but we don’t have to do the seminar again. I suppose that’s one bonus. Could not understand a word that was said at that thing,
    I’ve emailed the Phillopino consulate in the UK, as it’s ridiculous they won’t extended the license. I will let you know how I get on. I’m so livid, there even saying my paper work will be out of date, so I will have to go back to the British embassy in Manila again. They have told her she has to do hers again as well. So another expensive trip back there again, just to do paper work, if I can’t get this sorted out.
    mine expires on the 11th of July.

    If I was you and your already there, just get married and do the celebration bit later.

    I hope you can get your money back and we both can get this situation sorted out.
  6. Kevinzet

    Kevinzet New Member

    Told not to. Why can’t these things type what you want them to type
  7. BradaZz21

    BradaZz21 New Member

    Yeah I agree, I didn't sleep well the night before so I was literally falling asleep in it, every couple seconds my eyes were shutting and my head was leaning forwards and then I'd snap out of it and start to doze off again.
    OK thankyou, let me know how that goes.
    Honestly that's even worse, because it's not just about the money, but the fact that Manila is in lockdown. I don't know if you're allowed inside the city?
    I don't think they've really thought this all through. Cos fairness appears to be totally absent.

    Yeah. We're looking into doing the ceremony on a villa type vacation home that we found on Airbnb. It's under £200 to rent for the day and it would avoid the upcoming problem of the licences expiration.

    Thankyou, there's gotta be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Haha I'm not sure. Autocorrect is still decades behind perfection it seems.

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