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Vfs global appointment bookings

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by steven, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. steven

    steven Active Member

    is any one else having problems booking an appointment through VFS GLOBAL ?
    I paid for a standard vist visa for my gf, but when I get redirected to the VFS website its asking for me to login, but when logging in it says wrong password and even after I have changed it , it still wont let me login , well now I have tried so many times its locked. but im now not getting a link to reset the password, its almost like I keep going round in circles.
  2. Heathen

    Heathen Active Member

    The VFS Global website is a nightmare, we managed to find a way around it, but not after many frustrating hours... :( It really is time that VFS sorted it out once and for all.. after all they make enough money out of us..
  3. steven

    steven Active Member

    Yeah I’ve wasted hours trying to sort it out, problem is they don’t reply very quick, I couldn’t even find a contact number , I even rang the gov.uk number I found which was like £1.37 a minute and had to put in debit card details , but they couldn’t give me a number to contact vfs on. They just suggested to cancel the application and payment and start again with a different email.
    What did you do to get around it?

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