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UK should give British nationality to Hong Kong citizens, Tugendhat says

Discussion in 'General Chit Chat' started by KeithAngel, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. KeithAngel

    KeithAngel 2063 Lifetime Member

    The UK should give Hong Kong citizens full UK nationality as a means of reassurance amid the current standoff with Beijing, the chair of the influential Commons foreign affairs committee has argued.

    Tom Tugendhat said this should have happened to people in the formerly British-ruled territory in 1997, when it was handed back to Chinese control, and that doing so now would reassure Hong Kong’s people that they were supported by the UK.

  2. walesrob

    walesrob Administrator Staff Member

    Bad idea. HK belongs to China now, we've done our bit, fulfilled our obligations. Any attempt at UK interference would not go down too well in Beijing. I've read 2 of Chris Patten's books about his time as Governor in HK, and he says the Chinese were difficult to negotiate with, and had a habit of changing their minds. To go steam-rolling in handing out passports would be silly.

    While I'm not blaming him directly, the last 5 years of colonial rule saw Chris Patten introduce and accelerate political reform so Hong Kongers had more of a say on how the territory was run. Then China came along in 97 and changed all that, and HK didn't like it. It seems China has pushed their luck too far this time; HK is/was one of the most civilised places in the world, and still is, but it seems they've been pushed too far.
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  3. AndyRam

    AndyRam Banned

    Really sad to see Hong Kong in turmoil. It's a good place.
  4. graham59

    graham59 Banned

    Lived there, worked there for a few years. Was last there 6 weeks ago. Love the place.

    It's gone though. It's part of China now...and has been for 22 years ... sorry to say. :(

    UK will do nothing.
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