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Things to do in Makati?

Discussion in 'Travel Tips and Advice' started by Kuya, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. yuna

    yuna Cat Lover Staff Member

    Makati! my hometown! :) :like:

    1. A visit at the malls - glorietta and greenbelt
    2. Watch a movie - I prefer watching movie at the greenbelt (but if you prefer watching 3D, Mall of Asia (MOA) has the best cinema for that)
    3. Stroll along Ayala Green Park
    4. Visit Ayala Museum
    5. Xmas lights will still be lighted up by January so a stroll by night at the ayala avenue will be great too :) (I use to walk home from office just to see the lights)
    6. Dinner or coffee at Greenbelt :like:
    7. Visit Bonifacio High Street (a good place to hang about :like:)

    1. Visit MOA (go to seaside preferably at sunset or evening, just sit and talk see the lights along the harbour)
    2. Try dining at a floating restaurant
    3. See Cultural Center of the Philippines :like: :like:
    4. Luneta Park
    5. Intramuros
    6. If you prefer some night outs like in a club or something Malate is the place
    7. Manila Zoo (but they say that Malabon Zoo is better)
    8. Manila Ocean Park
    9. Divisoria (if you want to experience it :D )
    10.If Joy is into churches, see Quiapo Church (Black Nazarene) and Baclaran Church

    OTHER PLACES (just hours from Makati)
    1. Tagaytay
    2. Enchanted Kingdom
    3. Mount Makiling
    4. Bataan

  2. adamchryss

    adamchryss Member Lifetime Member

    Yeah that's it! I love going to that korean restaurant. Been to Korean Palace aswell, not bad just bit smaller than the other one :)
  3. adamchryss

    adamchryss Member Lifetime Member

    Lolz! silly me! Ocean Park not Ocean Adventure... was thinking which is the right name when I was typing it yesterday hahaha! Thanks Oss! :likE:
  4. Kuya

    Kuya The Geeky One Staff Member

    Excellent list Majah.. Thanks :like:

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