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Some things are certain

Discussion in 'Looking for Love' started by Melissa, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Melissa

    Melissa Member

    The title comes from LoTR. I've been on a LoTR binge since this morning.

    Hello! It's been a while since I was last on here and I hope everyone's been well.

    The new year finds me still searching for my one, and I am ever hopeful that I get to meet him soon. I can be quite of a nerd and even my Brit friends say so. They have never met anyone who is so into BBC's Radio 4, or loves wordplay and words as much as I do. Go figure. :D

    Keeping my eyes and heart open, and my fingers crossed. If I cross even my toes, do you think that would help? LOL. Maybe I'll get lucky this year. I hope. Some things are certain. :)

    Wishing everyone a very happy Valentine's Day! Oh, and see you at the Great British Festival! ^^
  2. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    Nothing wrong in being a Radio 4 aficionado, Melissa! Crossing your toes may or may not help you find The One but one thing's for sure, it will make you less stable on your feet! :lol:
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  3. Timmers

    Timmers Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    You have a very positive outlook on life Melissa, I'm sure that will carry you through to finding the love of your life and in turn happiness.

    There have been one or two chaps on the site looking for lovely young Filipinas, you never know your luck ;)
  4. Melissa

    Melissa Member

    Being less stable. That's part of falling in love. ^^ But I'll remember not to cross my toes too much lest I trip over and fall flat on my face, Markham! :)
  5. Melissa

    Melissa Member

    Thank you, Timmers! Maybe I'll get lucky this time around. :)
  6. don

    don New Member

    nice to see a single lady and read comments, its good to have your own Interests regardless of partners, to be tolerant of each other is the healthy thing, chalk and cheese thing, you are very welcome to talk to me anytime although I'm not online as much as I would like. hope you had an Interesting Valentines day

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