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Discussion in 'Relationship Advice' started by OrB, May 17, 2016.

  1. OrB

    OrB Member

    image.jpeg Hi guys,

    I'm writing this thread just to share my story on how I got married here in Manila for same sex matrimony.

    We met last year when I was still in UK and we got engaged last November 2015. Initially, our plan is to get fiancé visa and get married in UK. But I read something about the possibility to get married here and he really wanted to take a vacation here to see my family and friends. Luckily for his work schedule, it's not so much struggle to get almost a month of leave.

    My husband and I planned everything to get married here while he is on vacation.

    He can only stay here up to 27 days because he needs to be back to work after that.

    He arrived at April 1, 2016.
    With that, we waited for 7 days to post the notice of marriage.

    However, on the day of April 7th, we were told that we couldn't post the notice of registration yet since they don't count the first day as part of 7 day residency.

    And after that 7 day residency, we can only post the notice of registration the next day.

    So we could only post the notice after April 8 but that is weekend so we need to wait for April 11.

    My husband's birthday was April 7 and we have booked flights to Boracay on April 9th, but since the main reason he was here is to get married, we booked another flight on April 11 so we could post the notice in the morning.

    They were sorry though about our vacation that they should've just accepted the notice then only post it on Monday as a birthday sympathy, but it's too late.

    We then waited for 15 days to get married.
    We got married last April 26th and a day after that was his flight back home.

    It's all worth it though.
    The wedding was held in the garden of the embassy which is a nice view. My friends were even envious that I didn't have to do tedious wedding planning and still managed to get a nice setting. And one of their staff took charge of taking pictures so my friend would be part of the photos.

    Now that he is back in UK, I am completing my requirements for the spouse visa application and hopefully, I get to submit them this June and fingers crossed, I do hope that it gets approved in just few days because we're both dying to be with each other.

    Getting married a day before he leaves the country is frustrating but I just have to put my mind on the visa application so I can be with him as soon as possible.
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  2. Mark0317

    Mark0317 Member

    Hi Orb! Your thread was way back 2016 and things might have change in terms of what documents to submit. My partner and I are planning to do the same as what you and your husband did. Would you still be able to recall what are the documents that your husband brought from UK and what are the documents you secure here in the Philippines? and were you able to get your marriage certificate there and then after the ceremony?

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