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Life,please surprise me!

Discussion in 'Looking for Love' started by iHeartJa, Mar 28, 2015.

  1. iHeartJa

    iHeartJa Member

    I am now opening my door to possibilities of meeting my soulmate! I think it's time to experience love once again. I hope life will surprise me one day of my future love knocking at my door with full of love and respect, ready to melt in love with me

    I know most members here are happily taken/married. Just taking a chance maybe he's passing this site

    Good luck to me!
  2. Dave Mike

    Dave Mike New Member

    Hello my dear you look lovely. .im looking for a filipino girl friend. .I own my own home near the sea here so I'm able to give someone a home
    I'm a caring gentle man. .im lonely just now. Dave
  3. iHeartJa

    iHeartJa Member

    Good day, Dave! Thanks for the compliment. I thought you were looking for someone who lives in the UK?..
    Don't be lonely, you are too blessed to feel that way. I know some fresh air and the sound of waves can help you feel relax and can calm your emotions. :)

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