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Discussion in 'Hotel and Travel reviews' started by JohnAsh, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. JohnAsh

    JohnAsh No longer a member

    I occasionally, out of curiosity, ask in the travel agents about trips to the Philippines and normally they look at me as if I am a space alien. Today I called into KUONI who do have package trips to the Philippines, not many, but they are there. Prices are pretty high though and what's more have shot up over the last year.

    Trips to Boracay, Manila, Cebu and a tour of Luzon are included. Using Cathay Pacific from London Heathrow, evidently.

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  2. TFCforMe

    TFCforMe New Member

    Boracay is tops for beach. Just there in March 2013. Packed with Koreans due to recent direct flights from there. Vibrant, clean beaches, solid weather, tons of shops and restaurants along the sandy 3 mile+ walk. Hotels of all price ranges. Cheap massages. You name it.

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