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kevin Taylor at immigration detention center

Discussion in 'Important Causes' started by charlene taylor, Oct 29, 2018.


will he be alright at immigration?

  1. yes

    0 vote(s)
  2. no

  1. charlene taylor

    charlene taylor Member

    Dear all,

    Hello. To update each and everyone, kevin is now at the immigration detention center. Most likely in three weeks time, he will be back in the uk.

    Thanks alot guys for the support and concerns.....
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  2. Kevin Taylor 1965

    Kevin Taylor 1965 New Member

    Cha it looks like February now... Still have a few concerns in here... See you soon i hope love you so much.
  3. Kevin Taylor 1965

    Kevin Taylor 1965 New Member

    Well that estimate was a little way off, Charlene came to visit today and informed me that my NBI clearance has brought up two abnormalities. First our case at Marikina that was acquitted i. 2013 has appeared, simply the court never gave the acquittal papers to the BJMP on the day. Secondly and more scary is another British persons case has appeared on my clearance.

    The guy is actually in here and i spoke to him today, all his cases were after we were arrested and he was acquitted in all of them, now Charlene has to goto baccaor and dasmarines courts in order to obtain the papers for my clearance. I cant afford this and the consulate i know thier answer already, sigh you pick yourself up only for someone to knock you down all the time.
  4. Bootsonground

    Bootsonground Well-Known Member

    Absolutely incredible how useless they and at your expense.. They have NO shame.. Bureaucracy in the Philippines is like trying to walk through miles of 12" deep soggy mud in a pair of flip flops.
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  5. Kevin Taylor 1965

    Kevin Taylor 1965 New Member

    Sorry maybe deadbeat can be seen in a negative light.... What i am meaning here is that Charlene is working so hard at the moment in her new job that she really doesn't have a time to go here and there all the time. She needs her sleep and rest also God bless her....

    She's still working so hard on my behalf that i will always be indebted to her. That's all for now and sorry if this post seen to be negative on my beautiful asawa.
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