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Kevin and Charlene Taylor............ Crowdfunding

Discussion in 'Important Causes' started by Aromulus, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    I started a page on Justgiving.

    The aim is to raise £2000, which can be used by Kevin to purchase some medicines and some kind of mattress to cover his share of floor, so that he can rest with some kind of comfort in jail.
    The money raised will also, hopefully, help cover any overstaying charges he may guilty by default, and the ticket back to the UK, once his sentence is over.
    he will most certainly share it with his wife, whom even if in slightly better healt, suffer jus as much in daily humiliations.

    here is the link.

    Thank you in advance.
    This is totally voluntary, and please if you donate, please share on Facebook / twitter and whatnot so that we can have a bigger exposure.
    Don't forget that the Government has totally forgotten about Kevin, or conveniently chose to ignore his plight.


    Oh his behalf........ Thank you
    Last edited: Dec 24, 2015
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  2. Methersgate

    Methersgate Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    Well done. Heaven knows why he is in jail for "16 to 20 years" when murderers are out in six or indeed less.
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  3. KeithAngel

    KeithAngel 2063 Lifetime Member

    Dom I dont know if you can edit the page but it might be a good idea to say why they are in jail especially for folk who have no idea what its about
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  4. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    To save a long explanation, which I could easily mess up, I have included several links as reference.
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  5. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    The page states:
    What a strange reason to be jailed!
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  6. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I would assume that the photo is of Dom and his wife, if I did not know better...

    The "Page Owner" narrative could be replaced with:
    followed by a concise summary of the situation.

    That is directly under the photo, and is the main point of attention for the page.
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  7. charlene taylor

    charlene taylor Member

    Its me Charlene Taylor's kevin wife. Been released just last month and would likevto thank each and everyone who helped us. Our dearest gratitude to all you guys. Kevin been I'll for the past years, i am sorting my hardest to have him released before end of this month. Hope you can still extend few more help on him...sorry but he needs it especially this is his last few steps for freedom.
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  8. Kevin Taylor 1965

    Kevin Taylor 1965 Member

    Thanks cha, yes I've been ill so many times... The years take a toll on so much of my health. Even today im laid up with high fever and lbm... Im trying to stay strong mentally, this is hard as right now im facing a different set of circumstances, what im seeing in the UK at the moment with the homeless situation dreads me.. What will happen to me on my return.... Its only the love of Charlene and my parents that keeps me strong right now, knowing there's guys like you out there also keeps me strong and i pray that will never change.
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