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Hidden killer: Salt in food 'killing 14,000 people a year'

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Timmers, Mar 20, 2017.

  1. Timmers

    Timmers Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I thought I'd post this as a lot of us here on the forum are at the age where we are trying to look after our health as we pass into our twilight years :)

    I agree with what a lot of the leading doctors are saying and think that the Government should step in and make it law to restrict the amount of salt that is added to most of our food during the manufacturing process.

    Personally I have never added salt to my food but the problem of course is the amount of salt content in the food I am buying.

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  2. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Fish and chips is just not the same without a sprinkle of salt, and lashings of malt vinegar.

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  3. joi1991

    joi1991 Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    My Fiance's grandma is in her late 90s now and and he tood me how much salt she puts in her meal as in more than you can imagine.
  4. Scotschap16

    Scotschap16 Well-Known Member

    I work with colleagues on food health and there is always the tension of how much the State should "interfere" in the lives of individuals. With Government encouragement many manufacturers have reformulated processed products to reduce sugar, fats and salt.

    I agree, however, that sometimes legislation is required for the overall good of society (e.g. seat belts, mobile phone use in car, drink driving etc).

    In Scotland we no longer see burger vans parked at school gates - as part of a healthy eating agenda.

    By the way I can't get used to reduced sugar / salt baked beans - so hands off!:)
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  5. oss

    oss Somewhere Staff Member

    I don't really add salt to any foods and if I do use it in cooking the amounts are tiny over a bulk batch, for example about a gram of salt added to the water for cooking 15 portions of Basmati rice.

    I do use MSG in some Asian dishes but again the amounts are vanishingly small and while I am very overweight my blood pressure is not bad with a diastolic pressure lower than 80, systolic is about 130 which is a bit high but likely attributable to the weight.

    I don't tend to buy off the shelf foods with high salt levels and even when I do the fact I don't add salt to anything reduces my risk a fair bit I guess.
  6. oss

    oss Somewhere Staff Member

    There are always people at each end of the bell curve, folk in the UK are forever saying my grandpa smoked 20 a day every day for his whole life and lived until he was 90, well yeah he probably did but a huge number of people younger than him with a similar lifestyle died young, same is true with the salt thing some people do last a long time in spite of high intake of salt.

    It is frightening watching people in the UK in restaurants sometimes, just watching them dump huge amounts of salt onto their food, for me too much salt just destroys the flavour of food.
    Last edited: Mar 20, 2017
  7. Aromulus

    Aromulus The Don Staff Member

    You mess with my pasta and sauces, you will pay..........
  8. Timmers

    Timmers Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I look at it like this, if the food producers can refrain from using so much salt and it has no diverse effect on the taste and quality of their product then they should look at reviewing their recipes, that goes for sugar and any other additives too.
  9. graham59

    graham59 Banned

    The food manufacturers have a LOT of power.

    It hasn't always been the case, but for the past few years I have added zero salt to any of my food.
    I also cook probably 90% of my meals from as unadulterated as possible raw ingredients.

    It certainly takes a much greater effort to eat healthily when I'm in the Phils though, with the cheap junk food distractions. A real curse imposed on the population there IMO.
  10. Bootsonground

    Bootsonground BANNED

    I don`t buy processed food..Everything cooked is from fresh product.. Call me old fashioned if you like!
    We add the salt as required as we have always done..Not gonna stop either..Not ever gonna eat bland unseasoned food because they decide it`s bad for me.. Live life,eat good food drink good beer and good wine at least until you can still breath.
  11. graham59

    graham59 Banned

    There is salt in my meals of course (we need SOME), but it's in the flavourings and gravy powders, etc, and I take account of that. Bland is not to my taste either. Hot and spicy actually... like my women. :like:

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