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Filipino beware going abroad!

Discussion in 'Humour' started by AM2018, May 20, 2018.

  1. AM2018

    AM2018 Member

    Be very careful before going abroad not to regret it [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Danilo "Dan" Torres is from Bicol he went to the U.S.
    to TNT ( Illegal Entry),
    He went to the convenience store to buy cigarette, as he goes to the counter
    Cashier: Master? VISA?
    Dan: Went pale and thought (I am dead! He is asking for my VISA [​IMG])
    He rushed to get out of the store and drove off with his car speeding quite fast.
    The fuel went low so he went to the gas station to refill.
    Gasoline boy: Unleaded?
    Dan: Yes
    Gasoline boy: Pay first
    Dan went pale even more, I am dead! Now he is asking for my PAPERS!
    He left the car and decided to walk.
    He went to phonebooth to call his brother in New York
    Operator: AT&T May I help you?
    Dan went cold!" Dan: (even operator
    knew I am TNT! )
    There is a policeman in the queue who will also need to use the phone and questioned him
    Police: Are you Done?
    Dan looked at the police with astonishment (in his mind mind, he knows me! He knew my name is DAN ) without reply
    Dan was asked again by the policeman
    Police: "Are you a tourist?"
    (Dan is even more frighten because the policeman knew even his last name TORRES
    And when he faint, (the policeman managed to catch him before hitting the ground)
    Police: "Be cool!"
    "My mother! He also knew I am from BICOL!
    Waaahhh! I'm going back to the Philippines!" [​IMG][​IMG]

    Mag ingat po tayo bago mag ibang bansa para hindi magsisi[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Si Danilo "Dan" Torres ay isang Bicolano na nagpunta sa US
    para mag-TNT, pumasok sya ng convenience store para bumili ng yosi, pagdating nya sa counter
    cashier: master? VISA?
    "namutla si Dan! Sa isip-isip nya" (patay! hinahanap ang visa ko[​IMG])
    dali-daling lumabas ng tindahan si Dan at sumakay ng kotse
    at humarurot ng takbo. paubos na ang gasolina nya kaya pumasok sya sa gas station at nagpakarga ng gasolina
    Gasoline boy: Unleaded?
    Gasoline boy: Pay first
    "Lalong namutla si Dan!"
    Dan: Patay! hinahanapan pa ako ng
    "Iniwan nya ang kotse at dali-daling naglakad"
    pumunta sya sa phonebooth upang tawagan ang kapatid nya sa New York
    Operator:AT&T May I help you?
    "Pinagpawisan ng malamig si Dan!" Dan: (pati operator
    alam na TNT ako!)
    May nakapilang pulis na gagamit din ng telepono at tanong sa kanya
    Pulis: Are you Done?
    (Napatitig na lang si Dan sa pulis) Dan: (sa isip isip nya, kilala niya
    ako! alam niyang Dan ang pangalan ko!)Nang di makasagot si Dan, tinanong uli
    sya ng
    pulis, "Are you a tourist?"
    (Nanghina si Dan dahil pati apelyido niyang Torres ay
    alam din ng pulis!)
    At nang hihimatayin na sya, inalalayan sya ng
    pulis at sabi "Be cool!"
    "Inang ko po! Alam din nyang taga Bicol ako!
    WAAAHHHH! Uuwi na lang ako sa 'pinas!"[​IMG][​IMG]

    See Translation
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  2. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Might be better to use MasterCard next time...

    (Just kidding ;))
  3. AM2018

    AM2018 Member

    It was asked Master? Visa?
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  4. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Cash is King.;)

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