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Fiancee Visa Application: submission details, my experience

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by ChrisTina, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Just thought I would post as much information as I have been able to gather through the journey which I found painful as I just didn’t know anything and would of appreciated some detail. So here goes.

    I hired an agent which isn’t cheap and he did very little work, but he knew what he was doing so that is what I paid for. Knowing what I know now I would of done it myself but it is too scary without that knowledge, hopefully information here will give some confidence to others. It’s a personal choice. Use an OISC regulated agent https://www.gov.uk/find-an-immigration-adviser/search-for-an-adviser if you go down that route.

    Just share my personal experience, not an expert and do not guarantee the accuracy. Happy to edit the post from the comments of others.

    The agent told me as long as you satisfy the law then they cannot refuse an application, never hide the truth or tell an untruth, if there is a problem best to tell then up front and give an explanation. You have to prove:

    You have met.

    Plan to marry with 6 months

    Somewhere to live (UK has minimum housing standard requirements)

    Financially independent and not to rely on public funds

    Both live permanently together after married

    Immigration rule here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/immigration-rules/immigration-rules-appendix-fm-family-members

    I’ve put in the Section Titles I used to send the documents but obviously they will be different for everyone. Documents required that I will cover:

    Statements of intent, I’m told theses are very important though not documented in "the rules"

    Proving relationship

    Financial independence


    Freedom to marry

    The wedding

    Documents must be original, if not then must be certified (stamped by a solicitor or lay person) as true copies (your not allowed to send your passport so you need a true copy of all the pages that have something on them like visa, don't do blank pages) or countersigned by the issuer of the evidence, e.g: bank statements must be through the post to be seen as the original, I printed them off the internet so had to go into the bank and they stamped each page as true copies and signed. Send a copy of all documents or you won’t get the originals back, basically send 2 bundles.
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  2. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Section Title: Statement of Intent

    Sub title: Accommodation

    Contents of Section: Statement of Intent sponsor:

    Proof of address letters x3

    Statement of Intent fiancee:

    Affidavit of agreement of accommodation:

    Land Registry Title

    Council Tax Statement

    Utility Bill

    Photographs of property

    A personal message to the immigration officer giving background information of the relationship and what the plans are.

    We sent one each and the agent sent one (which I wrote and he added a few choice phrases). Basically you give an answer for all the requirements they are looking for: financial, housing………

    It’s important to demonstrate that you and your fiancee have discussed where you will live and wedding plans, so information repeats in the letters, cover all the points you need to prove as stated in the first post.

    Sponsor letter

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    State your citizenship status to the UK.

    State you have had a developing relationship and it is your wish to marry. State the purpose of the letter is to state your intentions

    State intention to marry after entering the UK, how you communicate (linked to the evidence you will provide), by text, phone, use of video apps. Brief details of how and when you met and the length of the relationship, how many times met, where did you go together (just brief here, details in a separate letter that is very specific). Who you met associated to your fiancee family and friends, state they are supportive. State your intention to marry and live permanently in the UK.

    Brief details of your children such as financial status to you, where live, in/out education, your marriage status and basic details of divorce etc. Children contact with fiancee, how they talk, supportive of relationship.


    State employment status, state the evidence you will present, where work, job title, company name, gross wage and you have further funds available, state you will not need to rely on benefits.

    General information of the property, state the evidence you will present, include how you will prove you own it or landlord is aware and how you will prove is aware. General size (include how many bedrooms and that you will have, the whole house or one bedroom for your SOLE USE (use that phrase) and what facilities have access to. Shared housing is a lot harder and you need to seek advice elsewhere. This is to satisfy the legal requirements of the UK for housing.

    State you have discussed with your fiancee where you will live, where you will get married. State why your fiancee needs to come to UK to maintain your employment or whatever the reason and that she is in agreement. VERY IMPORTANT YOU DOCUMENT YOUR DISCUSSIONS IN BOTH SPONSOR AND FIANCEE LETTERS.

    State what contact you have had with the Registrar about marrying, make sure you give the actual Registry Office. See the Wedding post. Designated Registry offices for England and Wales can be found here https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/224796/DROs_GOV_UK..pdf

    State it is your intention to remain together permanently as husband and wife in the UK.

    General comment to end letter, further details available if required….…

    Fiancee letter

    A lot shorter. Needs to say again a rough guide to how met. Say how you contact each other. Most important aspect is that the fiancee is marrying for love, state it in the letter. No mention of work or any other reason for application. Important to show fiancee is aware of all the plans such as housing and wedding plans.
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  3. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Section Title: Evidence of Relationship

    Contents of Section: Timeline of relationship VERY IMPORTANT

    Facebook chat history; sample provided more available on request.

    Viber chat history; sample provided more available on request.

    Emails of flight tickets where both parties named.

    Photographs; sample provided more available on request.

    Just a few examples, there is a lot you can use.

    Add any evidence of wedding plans here too.

    I was told immigration doesn’t like it if you have only met once but no idea if that would stop the application.

    A detailed timeline letter which links all the evidence of your relationship you will present. When and how you met, how you contact each other, message app or Skype, emails, anything! Go through specific dates, places you stayed, flight dates, ferry dates, meeting family and friends, be specific.

    You can download your entire Facebook chat history or Viber, not sure of other apps, I had over 600 pages worth, I just let them know more is available and selected 10 double sided pages of the chat with dates covering the whole of the relationship. If you can't download the chat history of the app you use I suggest changing to one you can.

    Photos, not the same place wearing the same clothes, only photos of both of you in the picture. If you put on your timeline you went to Bohol then photo of you with the Chocolate hills all matches up. With family and friends is good but both of you in the picture. I put 12 pictures on one A4 photo paper and sent 5 pages worth.

    Western Union transactions are good as both parties named.

    Emails of flights is good as both of you named, sending emails of hotels you booked not as good unless you both named but it will match with your timeline letter.

    Any type of evidence, any communication is good if you both named.
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  4. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Section Title: Evidence of Employment

    Contents of Section: Letter from employer confirming employment

    Contract of employment

    Wage slips

    Bank Statements


    Tax status. Online evidence of taxable pay

    You have to prove 6 months of employment (self-employed no idea, I presume your accounts), if you can’t then you have to prove a certain financial status which I don’t know enough about so can’t comment.

    Wage slips: must be original, must be 6 months worth.

    Bank statements 6 months worth. Make them look “healthy” if possible.

    P60: most recent, must be original.

    Tax status: I struggled with this one as surely P60 and wage slips is enough. The .Gov tax website allows you to print off your current tax status which is what I sent but it wasn’t countersigned or stamped so was not a “true copy”, not sure if this had any value. Comments anyone? You need a Government Gateway Account https://www.tax.service.gov.uk/government-gateway-registration-frontend?accountType=individual&continue=/personal-account/do-uplift&origin=unknown

    Employment contract: Everyone should have one! Every page countersigned by your manager and on headed note paper if possible. Contract should show your gross wage, start date, full/part time and general work duties.

    Employer letter VERY IMPORTANT: state job title, gross wage, pension entitlements, I get private healthcare to which fiancee can join so worth adding in there if it applies. Full/part time contract, weekly hours, HOW LONG EMPLOYED. Manager name and contact details, same signature as countersigning your contract of employment. Headed notepaper.

    You have to evidence gross income of at least:
    •  Partner with no children – £18,600.

    •  1 child in addition to the partner – £22,400.

    •  2 children in addition to the partner – £24,800.

    •  3 children in addition to the partner – £27,200.
    More on meeting the financial requirements here https://www.gov.uk/government/uploa...708/Appendix_FM_1_7_Financial_Requirement.pdf
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  5. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Housing, see statement of intent post for evidence I gave.

    Details of your personal circumstances in your statement of intent. If renting then need to have a letter from the landlord stating the size of the property and and they are aware of your intentions. If living with family then you also need a letter. For both of these I would use an affidavit (family no problem harder if a landlord), gives more weight to what you are saying, lots of examples on the internet (http://uk.findforms.com/single_example.php/example/20/UK_General_Affidavit) just write it yourself then get it signed by a solicitor, mine cost £7.50 as it was a retired lay person. Proving housing is very important as it would have an impact on accessing public funds and that is a no no.

    I understand renting form a Housing Authority is difficult to get them to write letters to help you. Use rent books, lease contract and the like, more is better, also contact them by email so at least you have evidence of your discussions and can prove they have turned down your request for a letter.

    I don't’ have a mortgage so others please comment and I will add in here but there should be lots of letters between you and the mortgage company.

    Three pieces of evidence proving you are at the address, I got these stamped when I had the affidavit done but as long as they are original documents then don’t think it’s a problem.

    Photos of the property inside and out to prove what you are saying about number of rooms. There are UK minimum requirements for space, gender and age restriction of sharing bedrooms.

    If own your own property then you can request a copy of the Land Registry report, as its already a true copy that will suffice. Notification of Council Tax should also provide details of the property.

    Little bit documented here but not overly helpful: https://www.gov.uk/government/publi...tion-maa/maintenance-and-accommodation-maa--2
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  6. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Section Title: Proof of Identity. Freedom to Marriage

    Contents of Section: Certified True copy of sponsor Passport

    Decree Absolute sponsor

    Birth Certificate sponsor

    NSO certificate of no marriage (CENOMAR) fiancee

    NSO birth certificate fiancee

    You can order NSO documents from the UK but lot more expensive https://www.ecensus.com.ph/Secure/PaymentInstructions.aspx

    Documents must be originals (they are copies but as issued by the authors then considered true copies, no photocopies), none of them took long to arrive in the post but earlier the better. NSO certificates must be on their paper. Of course the evidence will be different for your circumstances.

    You can request copies of your divorce papers from the court that granted the divorce, as it is a true copy that will suffice.
    You can request your birth certificate from .Gov website. https://www.gov.uk/order-copy-birth-death-marriage-certificate
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  7. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Double post
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  8. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    The Wedding

    You have to prove you are both aware of your plans and that you have made efforts to organise the wedding (statements in your letters of intent), however the Registrar will not give you any evidence as they won’t engage with you until your fiancee is in the country, they wont allow you to book a date. The immigration officer is aware of this but still requires evidence to satisfy requirements for the visa.

    I contacted the Registrar who explained all this to me, even though the agent had already explained, she did kindly send an email documenting our discussion, it was a standard response but she personalised a few statements, they are used to these requests and understand the position you are in (hopefully). The email I got stated the law to the immigration officer (which he will already know) but goes towards the visa requirements.

    You can give evidence of booking the reception for the wedding, just quotes and such, no need to actually book anything just evidence your research. Receipts for engagement rings, quotes for flowers, anything connected to the wedding.

    Any comments of other evidence and I will add here.
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  9. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Section Title: Visa Requirements

    Contents of Section: International Organization for Migration (IOM) Certificate of Tuberculosis

    IELTS with the British Council. English Test Certificate

    There is plenty on the forums about this so won’t give details here. Sooner they are done the better, if the TB doesn’t comeback completely clear it can be months while other test are done. TB has to be done in Manila. IELTS, Manila or Cebu.
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  10. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Other aspects:

    UK immigration official documents

    Don’t rely on what is written here, do your own research!

    You must have a VAF4A (personal details)


    You must have a VAF4A Appendix 2 for fiancee application (financial requirement). There are lots of different Appendix, get the right one.


    Application is online by the fiancee, so register in their name but share the password then both of you can check it and add details. There is an additional information box at the end, put down any discrepancies here, explain any details you think might cause concern, hide nothing! You can complete the form over a period of time, it will save till you submit.


    On submission you have to pay the fee and book your appointment. You can change it later, but not with 5 days of the appointment, but be aware if you book Cebu and want to change the appointment you will have to go to Manila, it will not let you re-book Cebu. You get the options to pay for extras such as return the passport by post or executive lounge (which has most of the extras as well). I found the booking website confusing and unwieldy, take your time with it.

    All the above documents and application form must be printed and sent with the application pack with your evidence, no VAF4A and correct appendix means no visa.

    Any comments most appreciated and I will update as needed.

    You also then need the CFO stamp, lots of information here:


    Hard part is getting the timing right, but think that is a whole post by itself! My fiancee had to do three separate flight journeys and an overlong bus ride, with better planning we could have done better.
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  11. Brom27

    Brom27 Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    So did you get the visa in the end? Sorry quite confused.
  12. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    YES!! Tina picked it up this morning in CDO, very happy
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  13. Brom27

    Brom27 Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Yaaay well done. Congratulations. ;)
  14. Maharg

    Maharg Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Certainly more there than necessary, but that's better than not doing enough as we discovered ourselves.
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  15. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Thank you. Just CFO hurdle now but she has all the documents from the application so doubt that will be a problem, visa is valid already as I requested 14 February so she can get the stamp as well.
  16. Brom27

    Brom27 Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    That's alright then. She's good to go. Is she going on Wednesday then for CFO? When is she coming over here? :D
  17. Brom27

    Brom27 Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    For CFO she will need to know your address, phone number, occupation, religion, highest educational attainment (college or uni name and course), mother's maiden name and things like that. I'm sure she knows all about you so it will be easy. Let her bring pictures of you together. That was the only thing asked from me.

    A copy of your passport as well they will want to see it.
  18. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Yes thanks already prepared her for all those, she has lots of photos from the visa application bundle and hundreds more on the phone. It seems with the CFO you fly through if no suspicions but a nightmare if they have doubts, good thing I suppose too many horror stories
  19. ChrisTina

    ChrisTina Member

    Not got a date set yet, got a few things that need to fall into place, she should be here in 2 or 3 weeks!! Been a long wait even though only couple of months since last was with her, this visa thing just makes time drag by
  20. Brom27

    Brom27 Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    There will be no problem if they don't see something suspicious. I tried to be active and tried to participate in the seminar so the one on one interview will be easy and was expecting the one who interviewed me to give the certificate right away but when she found out about our age gap, which is huge (not to mention) lol so she started asking me about lots of things and I think she wants me to change my mind lol but in the end I was able to convince her that this is what I wanted. She's happy with it and even gave me an advice and she sends me her best wishes for the wedding lol.

    I can't blame her though, it's her job, to counsel and give advice and make sure that we are not subject of human trafficking.

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