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Discussion in 'Filipino/Asian Food Suppliers' started by AnnaLorraine, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. AnnaLorraine

    AnnaLorraine New Member

    Please could anyone recommend cheap cargo from Philippines to UK?
  2. subseastu

    subseastu I'm Bruce Wayne Lifetime Member

    It is very expensive shipping from the Philippines to the UK, here a break down of cost when we did it back in 02/15. This did not include customs and delivery charges at the UK end which you will need to factor in, I think that was an additional £500. I strongly suggest purchasing extra baggage allowance with the airline if you are travelling to the UK. We came back business class and with extra baggage I think we had about 80kg each.

    The company we used for emigrating to and from the Philippines was Pronto Express. We dealt with the President Florita, known as baby - baby@prontoexpress.com

    Our boxes arrived on a completely different ship and was handled by a completely different agent at the UK end, it made for an expensive, stressful time.

    Olongapo City Residence to Port of London, U. K.

    One (1) Crate STC – four (4) boxes of personal effects;

    Estimated volume: 0.82 cu. m.

    Door to Port: US$750.00

    @ PHP:45.00 = PHP:33,750.00

    -No Vat

    Services Included:

    -Provision of packing materials for all the items to be packed;

    -Crating of packed items;

    -Pick-up from residence and delivery to our warehouse;

    -Documentation and customs clearance for export;

    -Delivery to port for export;

    -Payment of port charges/freight charges until port of Southampton or London;

    -Labor – supervision and handling.

    Transit time to Southampton or London: 30 days

    Weekly Sailings are available.

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