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Approved Affirmation for Marital Status

Discussion in 'Migrating to the Philippines' started by Chie Taylor, Jul 24, 2016.

  1. Chie Taylor

    Chie Taylor New Member

    So I am maintaining a blog from WordPress where I wrote every procedures we did. From the approval of his affirmation for marital status that we got from the British Embassy Manila, preparations of the documents that we gathered here and abroad for our marriage, until the processing of his 13A Visa or the Non-Quota Immigrant Visa by Marriage. I will try to write them down all here. But let me recap what we did first. Getting his Affirmation for Marital Status.

    One of the requirements of getting married is to prove that you're single. And to do this, we Filipinos is requesting for a CENOMAR or Certificate of Non-Marriage from NSO (now PSA). And as for the foreigners of course they need it too. But what to do first? Where should you get it? What would you get? British Nationals are required to get Affirmation for Marital Status from the British Embassy Manila. It is an equivalent to what we called CENOMAR.

    You can't just actually turn up at the embassy and get it. You have to book an appointment first from their website. We booked an appointment a month before our target date to visit the embassy so we can actually prepare for the required documents.

    They are going to require you to bring the following:
    • First, you have to download the template of either Affirmation or Affidavit for Marital Status also from their website. We chose Affirmation for Marital Status as we chose to have a civil wedding ceremony. You don't have to do both. It depends on your beliefs. The Affidavit for Marital Status involves religious ceremony. We printed the template off on an A4 Size bond paper. Computerised his information. You can adjust the font size and the margin, however we didn't dare to do it. And the official font type is Times New Roman. NOTE: You have to be careful on filling this out, otherwise you will have to repeat the process all over again. Sign it in front of the consul.
    • Original British Passport
    • Proof of Address (Bank Statement, Utility Bill) - with this one we brought our internet bill. It should be under the applicant's name and the usual address in the Philippines.
    • Payment of Php 3,960.00 - they only accept CASH.
    We also volunteered to bring the following:
    • Original Birth Certificate - we attached a Deed Poll document on his birth certificate as he pchanged his name back when he was still in England. We ordered both of these documents online. The Deed Poll document cost us £34 or Php 2,242.30. Do not worry about it being apostilled. It doesn't need that. If you are living in the Philippines and you ordered it abroad, all you need to do is to have it notarised on the notary public. Make sure that the lawyer write his/her name, address, and occupation instead of typing them or just stamped them. Just sign and put the date in front of the lawyer, cus the lawyer will serve as a witness. The birth certificate cost us £65 or Php 4,500.00
    • ACR I-Card
    The consul scanned everything we handed her in. And then briefly interviewed us. Asked us if we are really single. How long he's been here in the Philippines and when are we planning to get married. And then, he showed him a carton with a written oath and asked him to raise his right hand and recite the oath. And that's it. We paid for it. She put a seal on our printed affirmation. They both signed it. And in less done 15 minutes we're done.

    Make sure that you have to come on time. Or else you have to book another appointment again.
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  2. Richard sherriff

    Richard sherriff New Member

    Hi, i hope you are well, i know this post is a few years old now lol but when you attend the affirmation does your partner have to attend with you or can you go alone?

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