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Anyone had experience applying for a schengen visa for for Belgium?

Discussion in 'Europe Wide Visa Discussions' started by JasonWong, Jun 21, 2019.

  1. JasonWong

    JasonWong Member

    As above.

    I am a British citizen and my wife is Filipino. We are going to Belgium in late July and unfortunately due to lack of availability between now and the 1st week of July, I asked my wife to call them to book in a prime appointment to see if we can apply sooner.

    During the call, she also asked about the fee exemption however they told her that instead of applying for the standard tourist visa, she should be applying via a spouse visa instead and therefore has to create another account then call and set up another prime appointment.

    Is this suppose to be the case? I thought that she would still be going for a normal tourist visa. Can anyone shed some light on this?
  2. Stupot10

    Stupot10 Active Member

    That is correct, As she is married to a British citizen you apply for a schengen spouse visit visa.
  3. JasonWong

    JasonWong Member

    Great! Thanks! Luckily we rang then
  4. JasonWong

    JasonWong Member

    Do you know if I need to be added on to the online application too?

    And do I need to attend the embassy on the day she applies?

    Thanks in advance

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