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Anyone bank with BPI in London?

Discussion in 'Money Matters' started by Tizmoi, Mar 23, 2018.

  1. Tizmoi

    Tizmoi New Member

    Anybody bank with BPI in London? I have seen a post on fb by a Brit stating that he opened a £ account with BPI in London, and opened a joint BPI account with his spouse in Philippines, in order to send money from UK to her in Philippines. Just wondering if anyone here had done the same.
  2. John Surrey

    John Surrey Active Member

    Yes I do it that way.
  3. Tizmoi

    Tizmoi New Member

    So it is easy enough to do then. Are the fees reasonable?
  4. John Surrey

    John Surrey Active Member

    Yes it's quite straightforward as long as you have a UK residential address and bank account etc. - did mine by post so no personal appearance required.


    That seems to be their site now... fees are all there

    For direct transfer between BPI Europe and BPI Philippines Account

    up to £1,000 £5.00
    >£1,000 to £2,000 £6.00
    >£2,000 to £5,000 £7.00

    Rate today is 73.9 so if you transfer £1005 from your existing UK Bank Account to BPI Europe and then open your BPI Express Online web interface


    Just do a simple forex using your GBP 1000 to get you 73,900 PHP and leave £5 to cover their fee.
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  5. Tizmoi

    Tizmoi New Member

    Thanks John, much appreciated.

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