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The Castle, Subic Bay

Discussion in 'Filipino/Asian Restaurant Reviews' started by Methersgate, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Methersgate

    Methersgate Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    This place is ambitious and expensive, aiming to offer a European-level fine dining experience. By "expensive" I mean that you won't get out for less than P4K a head for dinner with wine.

    Good points - excellent ambiance, good service, wonderful list of Belgian beers - the best I have ever seen, and I do visit Belgium - all at P 250 a bottle, which is what you would pay in Tesco, an impressive selection of cheeses which wisely errs on the side of hard cheeses rather than Camembert, etc which would be impossible to "affine" properly, good wine list - amazingly a European style "CR" etc.

    Points deducted for: overly large portion size, tendency to be a bit heavy with salt and tendency to over-cook - but boeuf bourguignon, rack of lamb, etc were what they are meant to be and recognisable as such.
  2. Markham

    Markham . Lifetime Member

    That sounds rather expensive and an emphasis of quantity over quality to me. Until I read your review, I thought the Marco Polo Plaza, a five star hotel in Cebu, and which has at least one European chef was expensive - Php975++ per head for its very extensive and very good quality dinner buffet. For those preferring a la carte, two can dine well on around Php2000 a head including fortified fruity drinks.
  3. Methersgate

    Methersgate Well-Known Member Lifetime Member

    When the owner-chef drives a Ferrari, you know what to expect...pity that he does not supervise his kitchen more closely, though

    and here is a picture of She Who Must be Obeyed behaving badly over a glass of brandy following the meal...

    Last edited: Aug 16, 2013
  4. oss

    oss Not Here Staff Member

    The Golden Sala that used to be in Malate and is now in Makati somewhere was about 4500 peso total for two with wonderful Aberdeen Angus steaks and fantastic presentation and we had a bottle of quality wine included in that price too, however this was about 7 years ago, would love to find that place again at its new location, it was owned by a Brit might even have been a Scot not sure.

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