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The Bahamas Visa mystery

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by Junior Charlie, Jan 16, 2020.

  1. Junior Charlie

    Junior Charlie Member

    Hi guys I need some advice..I've started the online Visa application for my Wife and im stuck on the part that asks if she has been rejected for any visas etc..

    In 2010 she was involved with a guy from the Bahamas. She had never met the person but only communicated through telephone. her friend who was married to a man from bahamas and was living there was trying to arrange a visa for my wife to go there on her own.

    Sounded absolutely dodgy to me when i heard about it. I remember being very cautious with her at the time as i thought this was a red flag..alarm bells were ringing..but that was years ago and she has proved herself over and over and i trust her with all my heart..

    Anyway the visa got refused but she doesnt remember why? ( she said maybe lack of documents) or what kind of visa she went for? she did say that he did supply a bank certificate or statement with the visa application and the Visa application was processed through the british embassy.

    On her old passport it has a stamp that says manila/UK/bahamas...She isn't sure whether she applied for a UK visa or Bahamas..

    Im guessing he tried to sponsor her to visit and as the Bahamas don't have a embassy in the philippines they used the british embassy. we got in contact with her friend a few days back and she said she had to supply an itinerary which included a flight into the UK and then fly out to the Bahamas..which got me thinking she might of applied for a layover visa...

    Anyway what do i put in the online visa application.?? just say that we think we applied for a bahamas visa

    sorry its long winded..any advice would be welcomed

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  2. Mattecube

    Mattecube I have no need Trusted Member

    This is nearly 10 years ago I doubt they will be interested but declare it! Reason for refusal I personally would put cant remember it was such a long time ago! I wouldnt give them the story above
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  3. Junior Charlie

    Junior Charlie Member

    Thanks mate, yep i gonna say that she was applying for a sponsor visa to the bahamas but it was refused either to lack of requirements or documents but unsure since it was 10 years ago and can't recollect..

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