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PNB Banking Problem

Discussion in 'Money Matters' started by OTT, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Has anyone else experienced problem with PNB bank ? They have recently been carrying out maintenance work on their system.
    My gf was advised to change her account number to prevent any possible problems during maintenance procedure . I sent her a payment at end of August via World Remit , and although it is registered as received by bank , it has disappeared from her account .

    She has been to the bank and discussed the problem , which the bank accepted , and informed her that they would contact her when the money was returned to her account .
    Three weeks later still nothing .
  2. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    That seems most unlikely, no way would a bank "advise" a client to use a different account number "during maintenance".

    Are you sure that she was not scammed?

    How is it registered as received, by World Remit, or by her bank?

    Did it ever reach her account at her bank?

    Seems like her bank are not taking her seriously, nobody at the bank wants to take responsibility.

    If they refuse to give her the money immediately you should raise the problem with World Remit straight away.
  3. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Hi Dave , thanks for reply ,yes I have contacted World Remit twice now . They asked me to get her to obtain bank statement to send to them so that they can look into it . Obviously they need to be sure she hadn't withdrawn the money .

    She has just sent me the statement which I will now forward on to them .It shows the payment going into her account , and also shows it as a debit 4 days later but not as a withdrawal.

    It does seem strange , even the bank telling her they will contact her when the money is back in her account .
  4. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    Good to see that the money reached the account and shows on her statement, even if just for a few days. That makes things a lot clearer and it should be easy to resolve.

    I have experienced the opposite, payments that I made being re-credited to me. On a couple of occasions airline tickets that I booked online with Thai Airways were charged to my card immediately, the charge was cancelled a couple of days later, and then re-charged again almost three weeks later. I thought they had cancelled my ticket.
  5. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Really ? That's strange also . Did you ever find out the reason ?
  6. Dave_E

    Dave_E Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    I have absolutely no idea what the reason was, it must be something to do with their internal processing.

    In both instances the payment was for a Thai flight from Manila, charged in US dollars.

    Perhaps for accounting purposes the charge needed to be made via the Manila office, bookings made via the website perhaps go through the Bangkok office, but that is just a wild guess.
  7. OTT

    OTT Active Member

    Just a quick update on my missing money . After sending the bank statement to World Remit , they have now investigated and refunded the money back to my account . Well done to World Remit , I didn't think they would be able to do it as it was a bank error , rather than an error on their part .PNB I found to be no help whatsoever.
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