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philippine born leaving php on britsh passport / Emigration Clearance Certificate

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by shaunilvs, Nov 22, 2015.

  1. shaunilvs

    shaunilvs Member

    when leaving philippines with my daughter does she need to get Emigration Clearance Certificate she holds a british passport since june this year born in philippines she 2 years old /
  2. Micawber

    Micawber Renowned Lifetime Member

    Hi shaunilvs, I posted a response to your previous post on this subject.

    Yes, I believe that regulation is still applicable.

    Here's what I posted before:-

    Shaunilvs, I think you should review whether of not your daughter will need to secure an Emigration Clearance Certificate
    (ECC) from the Bureau of Immigration.

    Unless the regulations have changed recently I believe it's still a requirement.

    There are many cases where departure has been denied due to not having ECC so please do contact to BI
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  3. shaunilvs

    shaunilvs Member

    Micawber thanks thanks thanks for info i will sort when i go there friday

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