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My 2nd FLR granted

Discussion in 'Life in the UK' started by Nickel, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Nickel

    Nickel Active Member

    I've got to share so i could thank you all for the help you've given me with my FLR(M) application.

    I applied using my now married name after changing my Phil.passport from my maiden name.
    I sent my documents by post and did my biometrics on the same day but unfortunately i failed to include my (old) BRP.
    After a month i received a letter from the home office instructing me to do a biometrics.( me:again?).
    So i just did it but i sent a note(rushly done) that i had already done it .
    Only to realized that they were asking me to do biometrics for my BRP maiden name with my married family name included.
    Noticing my mistake(for failing to send back old BRP) i then wrote a more formalized letter explaining how i was unaware of my mistake due to so many things happening especially about my husband's health status.And this time i sent them back my old BRP.
    After a month i received a letter that my Visa is now granted.
    Thankfully the case officer was understanding enough and never counted that mistake against my favour.Home office can be considerate i should say!
    Again,thank you guys.Thank you British Filipino.
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  2. deanobeano

    deanobeano Active Member

    Congratulations on your good news.
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  3. Macchiato

    Macchiato Member

    Congrats! It's pleasant to hear UKVI being compassionate - it's not something you hear often!

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