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Financial requirements, spousal visa

Discussion in 'UK Visa and Immigration Help' started by Levon, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. Levon

    Levon New Member

    Hi, im applying the spousal visa, my income is £17,536 and my average income over the last 6 months with overtime times 2 is £19,000 annually. Will this be acceptable to meet financial requirements £18,600?
  2. Mattecube

    Mattecube I have no need Trusted Member

    I think you are saying that your basic is 17536 but with overtime it will be 19000
    Yes as long as the year end figure would amount to £18600 or more.

    For yourself a good year end check now would be earnings ytd plus the remaining weeks of financial year paid at basic and add the 2 together and see what figure you come up with
  3. bigmac

    bigmac Well-Known Member Trusted Member

    any savings--in excess of £16,000--can be used to make up any earnings shortfall--multiply by 2.5
  4. Macchiato

    Macchiato Member

    When you select "Above the threshold, Different Amounts" It may ask you for 12 months of Bank statements & Payslips, if your income has been variable.

    Also, best to include your p60 for best evidence of your overall earnings for the year - this is an optional document I believe.
  5. Mattecube

    Mattecube I have no need Trusted Member

    I agree with providing the p60 as long as it supports the case as earnings above the threshold, if not don't add it.
    Provision of 12 months pay slips and statements, as I understand the requirement this is only needed if you change employment within the previous 12 months prior to the application (the rules might of changed) what UKBA will do is from the 6 months wave slips find the lowest week paid then times that by the number of weeks remaining in the financial year and add it to earnings to date and see if it meets the threshold.
    This is why I have advised the op in my post above.

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