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Aug 27, 2012
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    1. bigmac
      Hello John..welcome back.
    2. cgary moore
      cgary moore
      hi all im new to the site my Philippine girl friend who is living in Philippines'whants to come over for a two week holiday to the uk in November . how hard would it be for herto get a visa im not sure wear to start ihave looked on the government sites but its confusing I could do with your help please thanks .gary moore.
    3. Cherry
      I am a Filipina married to a British national and I am applying for settlement visa to the UK, apparently I find the online application a bit confusing. I got stucked on the permission to stay in the UK I don't know what to put on that bit. I need help here so bad :(
    4. GLAIZA Munar Nalupa
      GLAIZA Munar Nalupa
      i wnt to go uk to work but i dnt have any experience and dnt even know how to get visa... nid som1 hu will help on dis. thnx so much
    5. Mark Weaver
      Mark Weaver
      Thanks John.. Im not very fast on these things.. Iv posted it now so I hope I get some help..
    6. Mark Weaver
      Mark Weaver
      Ok thanks im new to this so il see how I can post it general..
      1. JohnAsh
        Mark. Select the Home tab at top left. Then select from the range of topic groups. Then select Post New Thread at the top right.
        May 1, 2014
    7. Mark Weaver
      Mark Weaver
      Hi John,
      My name is Mark and I would like some help please..
      My fiancé is in Philippines now and I want to bring her here to England to marry her.
      Its giving me a head ach looking on the government site and I don't want to make a mistake with the wrong visa and be turned down..
      I am waiting for my decree absolute which should be with me by end of May2014..
      Help me please.. Thanks Mark Weaver..
      1. JohnAsh
        Welcome Mark. Best put this out to the forum in general.
        Apr 29, 2014
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